AMERICA/NICARAGUA - "Too much military presence indicates weakness": demonstration against the inter-oceanic canal

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Posted on: 04/23/16
Nueva Guinea - The military and police presence on the route that will follow the fourth national March against the inter-oceanic canal, scheduled for today, April 22, in Nueva Guinea, "scares" the population: is what the Bishop of Matagalpa, His Exc. Mgr. Rolando Alvarez Lagos highlighted.
According to Mgr. Alvarez, who was present at other popular protests in his diocese, people have to demonstrate, must express themselves: "it is always good to allow citizens to demonstrate for their demands, but in any case they should never alter or disturb the peace within society".
Then the Bishop added: "Too much military presence during citizens' demonstrations, indicates weakness".
According to local information, already yesterday, almost all along the route of the march organized for today, military posts were set up and national police groups occupied the area. The people march to protest on misinformation concerning the agreements on the mega project of the Inter-oceanic Grand Canal that will cross the entire country without considering, according to the protesters, the severe damage to the environment and population . Even the Catholic Church has repeatedly asked for clarifications from the authorities .


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