AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - The formation of a national unity government is necessary to tackle food emergency

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Posted on: 04/21/16
Juba - "If it were not for the tragic situation, one might say that we are facing a farce" say to Agenzia Fides local sources from Juba, capital of South Sudan, where people are still awaiting the arrival of the First Vice President, former rebel leader Riek Machar. His assignment should pave the way to the formation of a national unity government provided for by the peace agreement of August 2015.
"Local media reported this morning a statement which says that 'there is a probability' that Machar will arrive today in Juba". But for weeks, if not months, such "rumors and news have circulated" say our sources, who requested anonymity for security reasons.
"The two sides represented respectively by President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, are struggling to find some sort of agreement because they think only in military terms. It seems that the late arrival of Machar in Juba is linked both to the number of soldiers loyal to him who he would like to bring in the capital to ensure his security and the type of weapons they will be equipped with", the sources said.
"The population suffers this mentality that led to the disaster of the Civil War, which broke out in December 2013, when Machar, who was already Kiir’s deputy, was accused by him of having tried to overthrow him in a military coup. As one of the most famous South Sudanese journalists, Alfred Taban said, people are waiting for the arrival of Machar and the consequent formation of a national unity government, because they hope that the prices of basic necessities will go down. The international community has in fact linked the granting of aid to South Sudan to the executive formation of national unity".
"Economy is collapsing and there is food emergency in South Sudan" recall Fides sources. "It is therefore urgent to form a government of national unity to deal with the emergency, although there is not much hope because it will be constituted by the same leaders who led South Sudan to the disaster", say our sources.


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